The dog

Maybe our greatest achievement from the stone age. For more than 30,000 years it has been the faithful partner of our cultural development. Like no other animal, it has made us humans what we are today and is considered our best friend in countless cultures. He makes his outstanding talents available to us in hundreds of breeds: traditionally as a hunting, protection and working partner, but always also as a leisure and social partner

Our accelerated industrial and consumer society makes social bonds, mutual affection and appreciation, and integration into social structures increasingly rare. In densely populated urban areas, people live closely together, but often only on the basis of business activities. The dog, with its disarming empathy and prosocial behaviour, however, gives unconditional affection and the longed-for deceleration to people stressed by competition.

The dog is the empathy world champion and catalyst of interpersonal relationships. As a bridge builder between people, it increases the social capital of its human family. On daily walks, in thousands and thousands of dog schools, breeding and dog sports clubs with national and international events, dog lovers with common interests meet.

More and more people find their way to the dog. The worldwide number of domestic dogs exceeded 500 million in 2018, the annual number of puppies is estimated to exceed 50 million, more than half of them pedigree dogs.

Dog and man have won the hard survival fight in the ice age, together. Together they have marked the cornerstones of the formation of our civilization.

Dogs have earned our friendship, our respect. Real friendship with the dog will also make our life together and our society more human.

Our best friend deserves our honest friendship and conscientious care. He is a product of man. United, we bear a special responsibility for him. This has priority over economic interests in the dog.