Honouring 10.000 years of dog friendship

Connecting heartful breeders & owners

Together we take a stand against irresponsible breeding and puppy mills

FIDOPOLI is creating a global online community and a technical platform based on verified data, transparency & trust, focused on the handling of dogs in a respectful and dignified manner. A community for and by YOU: dog breeders, (future) dog owners and anyone involved in the care of dogs.

By enabling you to create and share verified data about your dogs from birth throughout their healthy & happy lives we will fight irresponsible breeding that thrives by hiding or falsifying data.


We are reaching out to you to help us build FIDOPOLI. A few minutes of your time could really help us speeding up the development of FIDOPOLI. Have a look how you can help?

Dog Breeders

  • Capture irrefutable data about your litters and the dogs' heritage

  • Proudly share to the world your devotion to raising healthy pedigree puppies

  • Focus again on the care of your dogs rather than on time wasting administration

  • Find, select and stay in touch with your heartful buyers

Dog Owners

  • Get access to verified data to make well informed decisions when buying your new best friend

  • Proudly share to the world your life and achievements together with your healthy dog

  • Make buying a puppy a pleasant and safe family experience

  • Find, select and stay in touch with your chosen breeder(s)


Global Community

Sentiments related to dogs are universal. Language and geographical boundaries limit the free travel of dogs and the information about them. FIDOPOLI tears down those walls!

Passion & Values

Social, health, trust, transparency, respect, freedom, caring, community, honesty, openness, security, independence, affinity & fairness. Not just words but the DNA of FIDOPOLI.

Devoted to friendship

Our dog friends deserve our honest friendship, conscientious care and ultimate responsibility. This over any economic interests. Your friends on FIDOPOLI are there to join in this mission.

Powered by YOU!

We rely on YOU to grow the wisdom, opinion, performance and the creativity of the many. FIDOPOLI is a digital platform for and by all of you.

FIDOPOLI Litter Diary

The mobile app helping dog breeders taking care of their litters

Use FIDOPOLI Litter Diary to ease the daily care for your litter while showing the world your true dedication to loving care.

Share verified and irrefutable data about your litter and help prospective buyers distinguishing between you as a responsible breeder and a puppy mill.


FIDOPOLI will be a platform for and by dog lovers fighting together against irresponsible dog breeding and puppy mills

We'd like to invite YOU to participate in the creation of this platform. There are numerous ways to do so.

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