Simplifying your day to day puppy care

Reduce stress, improve care & collect data

As a loving breeder you put all your heart into caring for your one next litter ensuring that your delicate darlings will develop well. You weigh them daily and take pictures of them as they grow.

We know how stressful and chaotic the first weeks with a newborn litter can be. FIDOPOLI Litter Diary comes to your aid.

Use FIDOPOLI Litter Diary to ease the daily care for your litter while showing the world your true dedication to loving care. Share data about your litter and help prospective buyers distinguishing between you as a responsible breeder and a puppy mill.

FIDOPOLI Litter Diary Application

Your Precious Litter

All your pups organized clearly in birth order and by colour. See their weights and pick the next pup for weighing.

All Puppy Details

Keep track of all puppy details and recognize them easily by unique markings or using a whelping collar

Daily Weights & Pictures

Add a new pictures and enter the pups new weight. Get immediate insights on growth progress. Add any notes for yourself.

Even more on desktop (coming soon)

  • Have a clear overview of the progress of your litter and individual pups

  • Follow growth, toothing, important events such as their eyes opening and keep track of any medical treatments

  • Give access to your data and litter care to others in your team

  • Manage your diary preferences such as weighing units

  • Upload quality pictures from your camera

  • Do everything you can do on mobile but with the convenience of your PC

Why not have a click around in our demo...

Pick a puppy from the litter overview and on the puppies detail screen see how you'd be able to add pictures, weighing data and notes.

Zoom in on the pups picture to see its details and unique features.

Check the notifications and see why the weighing data of Max maybe got mixed up.

FIDOPOLI will be adding new features and functionality continuously based on your feedback.

Get Started

Usage of FIDOPOLI Litter Diary is FREE and the app is available in 9 languages